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Meet Jordan

Andreas CarverComment
Meet Jordan

"Jordan Mixon, a recent New Yorker, moved to the city to study at Parsons. After dropping out of fashion school and now managing a photo studio in the Bronx, he has found his down time being spent as a collage artist. Inspired by arthouse films, his work is imaginative and embedded with runway looks. Sweet, shy, and wonderfully talented." 


1. How do you think food and intimacy relate? 

I guess it would depend on how someone defines intimacy. Intimacy to me is: love, passion, creativity, and energy. I think being satisfied with the outcome and creating something is the goal of: love, passion, creativity, and energy. Cooking a meal for others or yourself is the easiest way  for someone to create and feel satisfied in those  aspects. 

2. How can one be intimate through style?

Just being comfortable with what they are wearing.... even if it's being naked all the time. I think nudity equals intimacy. Clothes are clothes. 

Honestly, If it were up to me, I'd make a wardrobe out of banana leaves and rose petals...... Really, I don't think style and intimacy go together because being naked is being vulnerable. 

3. TAK believes fashion and style are two very different things, one being consumer based and the other being a form of self expression. Considering you're interested in fashion and style, how do you think food and style can go hand in hand?

I think it depends on the lifestyle of the person. As far as Im concerned my style and my food is eating organic tortilla chips and making my own salsa.... and Im wearing a red hoodie and green pants so in the moment my style and food choice are the same color palette.

4.  If sex meal were a meal what would it be?

Oh my. For me, when I meet someone for the first time it's like  "lets go get pizza".... and not shitty pizza, well made pizza. Bonding over a pizza is the best way to get to know somebody, I think...... and then we have sex [if I liked them enough]... so for me I think it would be pizza. 

5. And finally, tell us about an intimate experience you had over a meal?

First of all, dates are out of the question..... I can't with these Brooklyn boys. 

I would say, eating with my family. We never had frequent Sunday dinners or anything like that but we always have a big feast every major holiday. It's interesting how food can bring everyone happily together.